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The fun thing about therapy cat visits in December is that I get to dress up for them! For my first holiday visit, I went to the big hospital in one of my Santa jackets and my best Santa hat.

It turned out to be a crazy day! We had a new area to visit, and my human was having a hard time figuring out where it was. But when we walked down one part of the hospital, they were having some sort of big hiring event, and we were swarmed by people and staff who wanted to pet me and take photos with me! That was a fun surprise. And even better, there were some people who were able to tell my human where to find the part of the hospital she was looking for.

First, though, we stopped by Pediatrics. All the kids there that day were in isolation except for one, a teen girl. She was so delighted to see me. I spent time on the bed with her while a nurse took her blood pressure and other stats. The patient was really nice. She had four dogs at home, and wanted a cat. I curled up next to her and could have spent the whole afternoon there, but of course we had other places to visit.

The new place we went to was ICU on the fifth floor. We really weren’t there for the patients. They requested me to visit the staff. And the staff really needed some kitty therapy — they were so excited to see me! My human and I could tell how busy and stressful it was up there, and I was more than happy to spend time with everyone and brighten their day.

After the ICU, we stopped by Labor and Delivery for a while and saw the nurses there too. So it was mainly a day where I visited staff. I like to say that visiting the staff is as important as visiting the patients, and is was never more obvious than this visit. I wish every hospital had therapy cats because it’s obvious how much it’s needed.

Here are some of my other holiday therapy cat visits:

Santa Kitty Therapy Cat

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