Shopping Fun, and an Impulse Buy

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My human wanted to stock up on my food, so we swung by one of our favorite local pet shops.

Somali cat browsing at pet shop

I got to walk around and browse for a while.

Somali cat checking out the treat section of the pet shop

I made a point to check out the treat section, of course.

Somali cat looking inside of an automatic litter box

It’s really important to thoroughly examine the merchandise. So I don’t know why my human stopped me from climbing inside of this.

Somali cat looking at all the toys and treats in the cat section of pet shop

I guess she thought my time would be better spent looking at the cat toys. Maybe she was right.

Somali cat in background, pet dress in foreground

The last time we were here, we didn’t see any clothes that we thought would look good on me. But this time my human found something.

Somali cat wearing a cute new dress at pet store

I was even able to try it on in the store. And it fit! So we got it, along with my food. Score!

Here are other fun shopping days I had:

Shopping Fun, and an Impulse Buy

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