Sneak Preview of my 2024 Calendar

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My 2024 calendar is almost done! As soon as my human finishes editing the photos, she’ll upload them to Zazzle and hit publish. Then as soon as we get a proof and she okays it, I’ll make the big announcement.

All that will take a couple of weeks. So until then, I wanted to give you a sneak preview of some of the calendar photos.

Somali cat in a happy new year photo.

Here’s how I’ll be ringing in 2024. And here’s a hint: Club Meow shows up more than once in the calendar.

Somali cat wearing a sailor outfit

And I’m including some fan favorites, like my sailor dress and hat that you just saw.

Somali cat in a pretty spring setting

And while 2024 is heavy on outfits, there are a number of shots (including the cover) which are just me in my fur.

And yes, there will be an outtake calendar too!

I’m extra excited about my calendar this year. And I’m hoping to upload some new cards and some other goodies on my Zazzle shop! You can check out what I already have here.

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