So Much Fun at the Ventura Cat Show!

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I was so happy to be at the Ventura cat show this past weekend!

Somali cat wearing a pretty pink muslin dress

I didn’t get to wear as many clothes as I’d brought (in fact, the show ended a little earlier than I expected). But I did make sure to wear this one.

Somali cact wearing a pink raincoat

And it was pretty rainy in the afternoon. Even though I stayed inside where it was dry (except when we had to leave and I was in my carrier), I wore my raincoat for a bit.

Somali cat checking out wool cat toy

Some nice lady was handing out these wool cat toy knots for free, so my human took one. She didn’t think I’d be impressed, but I liked it!

Somali cat being petted by child

And speaking of the rain, I was surprised that so many people came out to see me! There was one group of little girls, who were all pals and came with a mom or two, and they were there all morning! So they kept coming back to pet me. And I was happy to see them every time they returned.

Somali cat with paw on a hand drawn picture of herself

And there was one social media follower who showed up with a drawing of me, some stickers, and a very heartfelt note that my human and I really appreciated. People like this one really make my job meaningful. The whole show was good, but this made it extra special.

Here are some of my other cat show appearances:

So Much Fun at the Ventura Cat Show!

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