Sunday Bloopers in a Variety of Locations

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This week’s bloopers are all over the place. I mean, literally! With locations that span thousands of miles — starting with this one at a dark LAX boarding gate at 4:30 AM. And what does my human get at that hour to sustain herself while waiting for our flight? A cake pop!

Somali cat on hotel dresser

Next here we are in Cleveland, where my human wanted to get some mirror shots of me while I sat on the hotel dresser. Apparently I tried leaving before she was finished.

Somali cat looking off into the distance during photo session

I was actually pretty good about posing for photos in the lower end of the backyard here. Although I did get distracted a couple of times.

Somali cat outside on a leash with mouth open

Before going back in, we paused for a few treats, with the inevitable resulting outtake.

Somali cat in photo studio with human hand giving command

My human only has herself to blame for this one. She was giving me a hand command to touch my dress…and got her hand in the photo!

I hope you enjoyed this week’s outtakes! If you have a favorite, let me know in the comments!

Here are more outtakes for your enjoyment:

Sunday Bloopers in a Variety of Locations

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