Sunday Outtake Silliness – Summer’s Fabulous Cat Life

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It’s outtake time! And I had all sorts of silliness going on this week, as you can see.

Somali cat on hind legs being petted by human

The hardest photo to get for my post about cute ways cats say I love you was the one where I’m getting petted in midair. Most of the photos wound up looking like some warped variation of this one

Somali cat headbutting an item at a pet store

Don’t ask me why I am headbutting what appears to be a Litter Genie because I don’t remember.

Somali cat in cat toy section of pet shop, looking confused

I certainly look confused by the cat toys at the pet shop! Or maybe the smell of catnip was overwhelming

Somali cat making goofy face in car after shopping trip

It takes real talent to be able to get a photo of me that’s this unflattering.

Somali cat waving, with her paw partly covering her face

And that’s it for the outtakes! See you later. If you have a favorite, let me know in the comments.

Want more silly photos? Here you go:

Sunday Outtake Silliness

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