Sunday’s Embarrassing Outtakes – Summer’s Fabulous Cat Life

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It’s time for this week’s funny outtakes. And to be honest, I think most of them are pretty embarrassing this time around!

Somali cat looking funny while rubbing on table leg

That is the weirdest face-rubbing photo I’ve ever seen of myself!

Somali cat putting paw on hand and looking bored

My human needed a photo of me looking curious or intrigued for this week’s post about becoming a cat’s favorite person. The only problem is I kept looking bored! I actually have a series of these photos that I shared with my Patreon members. Check out my page there for exclusive content and sneak previews.

Therapy cat looking awkward in car after visit

I think this was a misfire of my human’s when she was getting ready to take photos of me after our therapy cat visit. She really should have deleted it.

Somali cat in mid air in living room

My human was trying to get some photos of me during a play session. That’s always hard to do! And who knows, this might have turned out interesting if only I had been facing the camera.

Somali cat outside in a dress, eating a treat

I never look pretty or graceful when I’m eating a treat. So I don’t know why my human keeps taking photos when I’m doing it.

Somali cat in dress with treat in mouth and peach cat in background

And I look really embarrassingly bad in this photo! And of course, the peach kitty was right there at that very moment.

I hope this week’s embarrassing outtakes gave you a smile! If you have a favorite, let me know in the comments.

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Sunday's Embarrassing Outtakes

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