Supervising My Cat Necklace Repair

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My human finally got around to repairing my necklace that got broken at the Simi Valley cat show. And of course I had to supervise to make sure she didn’t lose anything or mess up.

Somali cat checking out cat necklace repair

She had some elastic she got at the craft store, and she used a needle to thread it through the pearls.

human hand repairing cat necklace while cat watches

The thing is my human is totally not a crafty-type person, so figuring out how to fix it was not that easy for her.

Somali cat looking close up at necklace repair

When I said I was supervising, I was not kidding.

Somali cat with paw on hand holding necklace

I couldn’t wait for her to finish so I could wear it again!

Somali cat wearing repaired cat necklace

And here it is! Not exactly good as new, and my human says she may go back and redo it. But it’s repaired for now.

You can see more of my cat necklaces here:

Supervising My Cat Necklace Repair

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