The Peach Kitty Interrupted Me Again!

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Remember a few weeks ago, I tried doing a modeling session in this corner of the backyard and got interrupted? My human and I decided to try again, since it’s got such nice lighting.

Close up of Somali cat posing

We actually got a few good shots!

Profile photo of Somali cat outside

But there I was, posing for a profile shot, when I noticed something.

Peach cat peeking from walkway

Yep, we were being spied on!

Somali cat a bit annoyed that the peach cat showed up

It only took a moment before he came down and totally disrupted our photo session!

Peach cat rubbing up against Somali cat

He didn’t care that we were in the middle of working.

Peach cat looking at treat in human hand

It didn’t help that my human kept giving him treats.

Somali cat, with peach cat showing his belly in the background

I guess our photo session is done for the day.

You can see even more of the peach kitty’s visits here:

The Peach Kitty Interrupted Me Again!

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