The Peach Kitty Missed Me!

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I had my first outing in the backyard after I got back from Cleveland. I was wondering if the peach kitty even noticed I was gone! But I should know better, being a cat myself.

Peach kitty washing his back paw pad

I bet he could tell the whole routine of the house was off, and I wasn’t hanging out on any of the scratcher lounges. We kitties are observant like that.

Somali cat in foreground, peach cat in background

Anyhow, the moment I stepped out, he was right there to greet me! He’s never shown up so fast.

Peach cat showing affection towards Somali cat

My human captured some video of us together (and a surprise!) in the Short below.

Here are more adventures with the peach kitty:

The Peach Kitty Missed Me!

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