The Peach Kitty Tries the New Trader Joe’s Treats

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You saw how much I liked the new Trader Joe’s holiday treats. So the next day, my human took them outside in case the peach kitty was around.

Somali cat waiting for treat with peach cat in the background

He was, but I wasn’t going to wait for him!

Somali cat going for a cat treat

I was more than happy to have some while he decided whether he wanted to hang out.

Peach kitty and somali cat together

He did come over, but I’m not sure whether he was interested in the treats, or me.

Somali cat waiting for treat while peach cat looks on

He watched me enjoy the treats. I could tell he was intrigued.

human hand offering treat to peach kitty

So my human offered him one.

Peach kitty taking the treat from human hand

And he took it! He’s actually very gentle about taking treats from my human’s hand. She normally wouldn’t trust an outside cat not to take off a finger! But He’s watched me enough to know how to do it right. He got some more treats, and I did too, before I went back into the house.

The peach kitty has tried other things my human has offered him. See his reactions here:

The Peach Kitty Tries the New Trader Joe's Treats

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