The Return of the Raspberry Beret

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Do you remember my raspberry beret that I only got to wear once before my human lost it…for years?

Somali cat with her paw on beret

Well, she found it! It was buried under a bunch of other stuff, and when she was organizing that pile, there it was. So I get to model it for you.

Somali cat with beret over left ear

Here it is over my left ear.

Somali cat wearing beret over right ear

I think it’s cuter over my right here, like it is here.

Somali cat with beret covering both ears

I think having it over both ears is a definite no.

Somali cat wearing raspberry beret over right ear

Since the right ear looked better, here’s a close up. Let me know if you agree with the hat placement!

Note: You can get this photo on a card in my Zazzle shop!

Here are some more lost things that were found:

The Return of the Raspberry Beret

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