Therapy Cat Afternoon Tea at USC

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(Note: You’ll have to excuse the photos this time. My human was in such a hurry to get home when we were done that she forgot to have me pose for any photos other than what you see here.)

My therapy cat visit this week was at USC! They have afternoon teas a few times a year for the students that feature therapy pets. I don’t come very often, but when I do, they’re really happy to see me! In fact, they even made a sign for me.

To be honest, the USC visits are one of the more difficult ones logistically for both me and my human. My human has to drive through some of the most congested parts of L.A. to get there, and it’s usually really bad coming back. And she almost always gets lost on campus once we get there. And at the moment, the area in which they have the teas is next to a really noisy construction area. Fortunately, they set up my table as far from the construction area as possible, and the workers quit after we’d been there for just half an hour.

But it’s all worth it! You know why?

Therapy cat getting petted by a student

I love meeting the students! They are always so excited to see me! Lots of them have cats back at home that they miss. But a lot of them who live around the campus also have cats, and some of the houses have friendly neighborhood cats. And of course they tell me and my human all about them. I got petted lots and maybe even worshipped a little.

therapy cat relaxing in her carrier during usc visit

I dozed for part of the visit and got lots of belly rubs. That was nice. There was also a dog there in a different part of the space, and she had lots of fun with the students too.

I know from my Instagram messages that some people missed me this time around. So I’m going to try to make it back before the holidays.

These are some other times I’ve visited USC:

Therapy Cat Afternoon Tea at USC

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