These Photo Flubs Will Make You Say Whaaat?

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While my outtake photos are almost never very good, most of the ones this week are especially terrible! And silly! And possibly a bit confusing.

Somali cat with airplane ears raising paw at hoop

My human wanted to get a cute photo of me looking through the hoop. Yes, she did get that…but she also got several photos like the one you see above! Apparently I had momentarily lost the cute memo and was having a problem finding it.

Somali cat on leash outside with paws on human's knee and tongue out

The absolute only good thing about this photo is how perfectly cute my tongue looks! I don’t know what happened to the rest of it.

Somali cat desperately grasping for treat

A lot of you mentioned that yesterday’s photo, where I was holding my human’s hand, was sweet. Here’s what that scenario usually looks like.

Somali cat nose in camera lens

And we’ve reached an uneasy end to this week’s photo flubs! Do you have a favorite? If amazingly enough, you do, let me know in the comments!

Here are photo flubs from other weeks that are also pretty funny:

These Photo Flubs Will Make You Say Whaaat?

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