They Rearranged the Pet Shop!

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We were out of my dinner food again! So my human got out my carrier and took me to the local pet shop we haven’t been to in a while.

Somali cat on leash looking around at pet shop

It looked totally different! They had rearranged the whole store and added lots of new things. So I had a lot of exploring to do.

Somali cat walking down pet shop aisle

There was so much to see.

Somali cat in cat section of pet shop

It didn’t take long for me to find the cat section, and it was huge!

Somali cat amazed by all the cat items

I thought it was cool before, but they made it even better!

Somali cat looking at pet clothes in pet store

They also have a bunch of clothes on display. I didn’t see anything that suited me on this trip. Maybe I will at another time.

Somali cat in cardboard Fish Bar box

My only complaint? There were no actual fish in the Fish Bar.

You can see some of my past visits to this pet shop here:

They Rearranged the Pet Shop!

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