Tongue and Teeth Outtakes – Summer’s Fabulous Cat Life

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This week’s funniest outtakes all had things in common. Either my tongue was showing, I had my mouth open, or both! And they even come in pairs, although they happened on different days.

Therapy cat wearing a necktie and sticking out her tongue

See what I mean? The raspberry making was strong for a few days running.

Therapy cat in car wearing a necktie with her mouth open

And then there’s this photo of me with my mouth open.

Somali cat on leash outside with her mouth open

And then the photo of me the very next day, also with my mouth open!

Somali cat wearing a necktie in the pet store and yawning

And lastly, here’s a photo of me at the pet store, doing something I rarely do when I’m out and about — yawning!

I hope you found these photos as fun as I did! Let me know in the comments if you have a favorite.

How about some more funny tongue-out photos of me:

Tongue and Teeth Outtakes

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