Trying on My New Year’s Eve Dresses

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Can you believe that 2023 is almost over? It’s been an eventful year. I can’t wait to ring in 2024…but there’s one big dilemma. Which dress should I wear to do it in? I have a bunch! Okay, so I’m just going to be home with the humans, who apparently have some sort of project they’re doing. But I want to be festive. So let’s see what I have.

Somali cat in a sparkly black dress

There’s this sparkly black number. But I’m not sure if it is flashy enough.

Somali cat wearing a New Year's Eve dress with a gold skirt

I can only wear this dress on New Year’s Eve, obviously! But while I like some parts of it, like the bow and skirt, I’m not so sure about the short sleeves.

Somali cat wearing a little black dress

This little black dress (literally — it says “Little Black Dress” on the back) was one of my very first nice dresses! So it has sentimental value.

Somali cat wearing a pretty party dress

I like this dress…but I wore it last year! Is twice in a row a bad idea?

Somali cat wearing a new year's eve hat

And let’s not forget the hats! I brought out two of them. This one seemed to go best with my Little Black Dress.

Somali cat wearing a New Year's Eve fascinator with a dress

And this hat, which seems to go best with the dress I wore last year.

So what do you think? Do I need yet another New Year’s Eve dress? I can send my human out to look for one if you agree!

You might see me wearing some of these dresses for other New Year’s Eves:

Trying on My New Year's Eve Dresses

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