Unflattering Photo Flubs – Summer’s Fabulous Cat Life

I have to say, I post outtakes every week but these have to be some of the most unflattering photos of me yet!

Therapy cat with one eye half open

My human seems to have a talent for capturing me at exactly the wrong time! (Yes, she often gets it right, but when her timing is off, it’s really off.)

Somali cat with mouth open

See what I mean?

Somali cat with tongue out and squeezable treat on her face

When my human was taking the tongue-out photos the other day, her method was basically to give me some of the treat, and then just take a bunch of photos, hoping for a good one. More of them came out looking like this.

Somali cat in an awkward pose with tongue out

If she didn’t just shoot wildly and maybe took her time, she would come up with better photos more often. Just saying.

Peach cat licking his nose

Lastly, here’s a tongue out photo of the peach kitty.

I hope you enjoyed this week’s photo flubs. They were pretty bad this time! Which made you laugh the most? Let me know in the comments.

Want more funny photos of me? Here you go:

Unflattering Photo Flubs

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