What I DIDN’T Wear in Santa Barbara

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I bet you didn’t know I brought a wardrobe with me on my Santa Barbara trip — because I didn’t get to wear any! Our time up there was so short that my human didn’t get a chance to have me pose nicely around some of the pretty vintage decor of the hotel. So here I am in the turret, modeling my outfits now.

Somali cat in a pretty black and white dress with pink trim and a pink flower

My human actually gives some thought to the dresses I wear. She wants them to match the situation. The print of this dress, she felt, added just a touch of sophistication while still being casual. Was it was good Santa Barbara pick? I think so.

Somali cat wearing a pink print summer dress with a yellow flower

This pretty sun dress is more fun and playful. Something I could wear shopping on State Street and walking down to the beach. If I were a human.

Somali cat wearing a pink print dress with a colorful bead necklace

She also packed one of my favorite summer dresses…and decided to try matching it with the colorful bead necklace. The one what doesn’t seem to go with any of my dresses. The colors matched so she thought it might work. You tell me what you think.

Somali cat wearing a hat with her necklace and dress

To complete the look, she added a straw hat. at least all the colors match!

Somali cat wearing a dress and necklace with the rest of her wardrobe at her feet

So that was supposed to be my Santa Barbara wardrobe! Did you think these were good choices? Let me know in the comments.

Here are some other wardrobe choices I’ve had:

What I DIDN'T Wear in Santa Barbara

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