What Your Cat Knows About You (That You Didn’t Know)

Contrary to popular belief, cats are not aloof and uncaring. In fact, we keep tabs on our humans. And we know a lot about you guys. Things that you don’t know we know. Occasionally even things you don’t know about yourself. It sounds like we have some sort of superpowers, doesn’t it? And in a way, that’s exactly correct.

Here are just a few of the things cats know about you — that you didn’t know!

  1. Your cat knows where you are in the house at all times.
    So you think your cat is spending all day napping and unaware of the goings on around the house? Nope! With our finely-honed sense of hearing, we know exactly what is going on. That’s why the moment my human starts setting things up in my photo studio, I’m there, ready for a session. Even if I was just crashed out on a cat bed.

    Your cat keeps tabs on you every moment you are in the house. The only reason they don’t get up to see is they don’t think it’s necessary or important. But if there is something weird or unusual going on, we’ll either be there — or we’ll be hiding until the activity goes away.

  2. Cats know where you’ve been.
    So you had a big, juicy burger while you were out. Or you were visiting a friend and her cat sat next to you the whole visit. Don’t bother trying to hide it. Your cat knows where you’ve been and what you were doing. Our noses are super sensitive. They have to be. Detecting scent is a survival mechanism in the wild. So we know where the food is, and where the threat is. And where the rivals are.

    Here’s a funny story. Many years ago, my human had a calico cat that was extremely possessive of her. And for a while, one of the neighbor’s cats used to come visit pretty often. And of course my human would let him hang out. Hours after he was gone, her cat would show up, and would start sniffing her. And as soon as she smelled that other cat, she’d start growling like a jealous boyfriend.

    Fortunately, I’m not that kind of possessive. But I will wake up from a dead sleep if my human is eating chicken. She is not allowed to have any by herself.

  3. Your cat knows your schedule better than you do.
    Cats love routine, and schedules are second nature to them. So once you’ve set up a schedule that they’re used to, they remember. And if you forget something they consider important (usually involving food), they will let you know!
  4. Your cat knows when you are sick.
    Of course you act differently when you aren’t feeling well, and your cat (and probably the people around you) will notice. But it’s more than that. Many illnesses cause chemical and hormonal changes, and your cat’s sensitive nose picks up on them. Maybe this is one of the reasons why cats make good therapy animals. They know the patients they are around need their care.

    I keep hoping that someday researchers will be able to figure out how to harness this talent of ours and refine it the way they’ve done with dogs.

    This isn’t illness based, but your cat also knows when you (or someone else close to them) is pregnant. This comes down to hormonal changes once again. A cat may even know when their human is expecting before the human does!

  5. Your cat knows when you’re fearful or stressed.
    Fear is another thing that changes your scent — and even if you are trying to hide your feelings, your cat knows. And since cats are emotional sponges, your fear and your stress will affect them negatively and they may act out.

    This is also one of the reasons your cat knows you are taking them to the veterinarian before you even bring out the carrier. Admit it — you dread vet visits almost as much as your cat does. And when one is coming up, you are likely thinking about all the trouble it is, getting your cat in the carrier and how awful the car trip is going to be. And if you are worried that your cat might be really sick, that makes it even worse. Your cat knows all this, and that’s why they behave the way they do, sometimes even the day before the vet visit.

Somali cat draped in a white sheet
Are you surprised by any of this? Or did you already know your cat was practically psychic? Do you have any stories to tell? Let’s discuss it in the comments!

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What Your Cat Knows About You (That You Didn’t Know)

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