Which Witch Cat Hat Works Best?

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Some people on social media wanted to know if I have any witch hats. If you’ve been following the blog for more than a year, you know I do, but I have a couple of new ones to show you. They aren’t exactly cat hats, actually. They were attached to women’s headbands, which my human carefully removed. Then she attached a chin elastic so they’d stay on my head. So let’s check them out!

Somali cat wearing a tiny witch hat

Here’s the tiny witch hat, which you’ve already seen, for reference.

Somali cat wearing an orange witch hat

Here’s the orange one, which is quite a bit larger. It does have a touch of panache.

Somali cat wearing witch hat with veil

The black witch hat has a veil, which adds a touch of mystery. Although it did make it more awkward when I wanted my treat rewards!

Somali cat wearing tiny witch hat with other hats at her feet.

So what do you think? Did you like the OG witch hat better, or one of the others? Let me know in the commments!

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Which Witch Cat Hat Works Best?

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